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E.I.T.I. is an independent company born by the merging between Qualytube S.r.l. and Sideco Servizi.
E.I.T.I. is providing inspections and expediting activities, conformity verifications and non-destructive testing.
In addition, E.I.T.I. is providing services for auditing, supplier qualification, project management and technical advise for the Quality management and the non-destructive testing.
The knowledge and continuous training of our personnel is our strength. 
In detail, E.I.T.I. is able to perform the following tests:
• Automatic UT inspection in 5 directions of scanning simultaneously for the detection of longitudinal, transversal and double-laminations, as far as the determination of the wall thickness on pipes from ½ to 24 NPS;
• Hydrostatic test on pipes from ½ to 24 NPS;
• PT and MT inspections on pipes and fittings;
• PMI (positive Material Identification);
• Inspections;
• Expediting;
• Conformity, visual and dimensional inspections.
The above mentioned checks are performed by our ISO 9712 level 2 and 3 inspectors.
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Additional services
• Issuing and revision of NDT procedures by our ISO 9712 Level 3 Technical Director;
• Welding coordination by or CWISP 3.1
qualified welding inspectors;
• Coating and painting inspections by
our FROSIO level 2 inspector. 
Our test
  • Shot blasting for pipes

  • Hydrostatic test for pipes

  • Testing on materials and inspection on valves

  • Automatic UT equipment

  • PMI and product analysis

Our strength:
          competence and training 
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