Press review

Commerciale Tubi Acciaio admitted to the first ELITE Banca Akros and Banco BPM of 2021

CTA becomes ELITE company and takes the opportunity to be represented among the best companies in Italy and worldwide.
The initiative is part of the broader partnership between ELITE and Banca Akros and Banco BPM.

CTA has joined ELITE, through Banca Akros and Banco BPM Lounge, in a new group of ten enterprises, as a sign of trust and willingness to undertake solid training courses to deal with the new economic recovery setting and be supported by the skilled and technical consultancy of the most important partners in Italy.

ELITE is the private market of the Borsa Italiana Group, now part of Euronext, which connects companies to different sources of capital in order to accelerate their growth. An international network of successful entrepreneurs, partners, brokers and investors focused on helping the best companies around the world to transform their vision into strategic plans and concrete results.  

Today ELITE is a story of global success, with 1600 companies in its network, from 43 countries, with a combinate turnover of €110 billion; it is able to attract pools of liquidity from institutional investors also through financial intermediaries, in order to have an impact on the growth of its customers companies across the world.

Francesca Santini, CEO of CTA stated:
“We are honoured to be part of the ELITE project, especially in this historical moment in which the pandemic has led companies to fully reconsider their structures and organizations. The opening of the financial world to an increasingly rapid and efficient digitalization represents an important support for those companies which, like CTA, dynamically propose themselves on the market, seizing the new business opportunities that arise.

Marta Testi, CEO of ELITE, said:
“We are happy to welcome CTA in ELITE; it will be able to access to new skills and capital to accelerate its development projects. ELITE companies have various alternative finance tools at their disposal, they grow and create employment, thus contributing to the economic prosperity of our country and of the markets in which they operate. Starting from Italy, ELITE has been able to create a network of excellent companies which are very active in extraordinary finance transactions: in nine years, 30% of companies have finalized over 1,400 corporate transactions for a total value of €16,3 billion. Excellence, Innovation and Capital at the service of those who do Business.”

Luca Manzoni, Corporate Head of Banco BPM, has declared:
“With over 60 companies involved in our ELITE Lounges, we have launched a virtuous path for those companies which recognize the advantage of a quality support and a renewed content by their bank, as shown by the qualified presence, together with the other companies, of CTA. Banco BPM, through this Lounge, wants to offer a new vision and guarantee its customers the best advice to open up to opportunities for growth, development and internationalization in Italy and in new markets with particular attention on ESG issues, as it is clear that investing in sustainability will be one of the priorities for those companies which want to remain competitive on the market.”