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T.L.P. S.p.A.

Head Office Via Como, 37 - 20020 Solaro (MI) - ITALY Warehouse Via Berlinguer, 2 20060 Pozzo d’Adda (MI) - ITALY Ph. +39 02 969 870 50

T.L.P. S.P.A.

During 2016, taking over the activity of TAD LONG PRODUCTS, the company T.L.P. S.p.A. is born in Solaro and Grezzago, in partnership with a renowned company specialized in the distribution of welded pipes, polishing, bright and mirror surface finishing.  
T.L.P. S.p.A. is a leader in the distribution of seamless and welded pipes, fittings and bars. Its presence in the market is significant within chemical, petrochemical, oleo-dynamical and mechanical industries, and, in the near future, thanks to the internal synergies within the new group, it will also be important in all the main application fields of stainless steel.
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The Company policy is based on complete service and customer satisfaction during all the production chain; from stock variety to quality, from certifications to brands, T.L.P. S.p.A. guarantees, with a 7000sqm warehouse and a well equipped stock of more than 2000 tons, prompt shipments with an efficient 24 hours delivery service and accurate answers to customers’ requests.  

This let T.L.P. S.p.A. be flexible and able to adapt to market changes quickly, aiming at an expansion of the already consolidated portfolio of 3000 customers of national distribution. T.L.P. S.p.A. offers full packages with pipes, fittings bars and also solutions for small quantities and special quality.
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The aim is to enhance its market share 
by expanding the product range 
and strengthening 
sales team.
rapidity and efficiency
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